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Multi-Genre Writer

I have always been a writer. At first, it was with an old-fashioned typewriter. Then, the Internet answered my dreams with Microsoft Word. I could now write faster and with convenience, all with spell check, a blessing for one who can't spell.

Through writing, be it fiction or non-fiction, I found my voice and myself. I do not have enough lifetimes to write all the books I imagine. 

Joyce has owned several companies, managed for a large corporation, taught college seminars & college writing courses, and is recognized nationally in the top 10 percent for her real estate sales performance.

Joyce’s no-nonsense, straightforward inspirational approach to staying focused on the dream has helped her achieve her goals.

In 2016, Joyce received the distinction as Realtor© Emeritus from The National Association of Realtors for her many years of service to Sellers and Buyers.

Joyce is a multi-genre author. Her Best-Selling books include: A to Z of Real Estate, How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life, Paranormal Thrillers and Christian Literature: Adult Bible Stories. 

Joyce lives with her husband, John, and their 2 little dogs in Phoenix AZ. They have 2 grown daughters and 2 grand-daughters.